Warning! Blatant Self Promotion

When we initially began our website redesign process, we decided to write a single sentence describing what we do. You’ve undoubtedly been challenged to write something similar and realized how difficult this can be. So we broke it down.

Dany Petraska
BY Dany Petraska | IN Strategy | July 21, 2016

6 Reasons to Start Caring About Your Title and Meta Descriptions

Title and meta description tags are one of those things that are set up when a website is first built, and then no one ever thinks about them again. Before I got involved in search engine optimization, I didn’t pay much attention to them either, but now I’m the pain in the you-know-what who makes sure they’re the right number of characters, the right words in the right order, and they tell users—and search engines—what the heck a particular page is all about.